Why BongEye?

Why BongEye you ask, as a child of the 80's having a lazy eye meant you got called a few names, one of which was BongEye. To this day I still find some adults will call me it to try to offend me, however after living with it for over 30 years you just learn brush it off and laugh at those who think there getting to you.

Years down the line I started creating some awful YouTube videos, and I mean awful. I had to come up with a username so thought I would try and turn a negative in to a positive by using the name BongEye.

Years of Gaming

As a child I wasn't really in to playing computer games due to the length of time it took for them to load in via the old tape deck system. You would usually find me in the woods making dens or aerial slides.

However I did start to play a lot of Mr Puniverse and Kick-start on the Commador 16 and that is when my interest in gaming started. From there I would play a lot of Alex the kid on the Sega Master System and was surprising good at it. Later in years when the PlayStation was released I started to play a lot of VRally and was addicted to Abe's Odyssey.


Live streaming is something I never thought I would ever get in to. I started to look more towards streaming as the video editing for YouTube was becoming a pain and time consuming. A friend of mine started streaming first and I would watch him and just thought no one would watch me, plus I wouldn't know what to talk about.

A year later I had a talk with myself and decided to give a go. Which is were we are today, you can't shut me up and I stream almost every day and have now built a really great community on the back of my channel.